How do we get you ready for a job?
Quality Intake

To be accepted into the program, you need to clear an application round that evaluates your fit for the program.

Industry Leading Curriculum

Build step by step mastery of data science through 9 courses and 12 industry level projects with 1:1 mentoring and regular industry interaction

Continuous Practice and Assessment

We keep you on your toes through regular projects and tests to shape you into the Data Science leader of tomorrow.

Industry Recognized Certificate

Get a joint certificate from Internshala & Analytics Vidhya upon completing the program.

Best-in-class Placement Assistance

150,000+ companies hire on Internshala every year and it is this pool of recruiters we tap into to land you a dream job.

What makes it best-in-class placement assistance?

A dedicated course on Acing Data Science Interviews
Placement Week - A week long online career fair to get you placed
A dedicated placement cell to guide you towards your dream career
Two 1:1 Career Planning Sessions with industry experts
Get highlighted in your job/internship applications on Internshala
Industry recognized certification
Internshala Trainings certificate

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a joint certificate from Internshala & Analytics Vidhya.

Specialization syllabus
300 hours of learning
9 courses
7 industry level projects
After completing a course, you can download its videos for future reference.

1. Python for Data Science

7 Modules
Project : Handling text files using Python
Variables, Operators, Conditional Statement and Looping Constructs
Data Structures, String Manipulation and Functions
Modules and Packages and Python Libraries
Working with different file formats and Dataframes in Python
Preprocessing and Visualizing Data
Project: Handling text files using Python

Use Python skills learned for extracting information from the text data provided

Machine Learning Lifecycle
Understanding Data and concepts of Probability
Univariate Analysis
Missing Values, Outliers and Central Limit Theorem
Bivariate Analysis and Hypothesis Testing
Multivariate Analysis
Project: Exploring NYC Taxi Trip Durations

Perform data exploration on Taxi Trip Duration dataset for NYC.

Introduction to Machine Learning
Building Benchmark Models
Evaluation Metrics
Building First Predictive Model
Selecting the Right Model
Linear Models
Decision Trees
Project: Predicting NYC Taxi Trip Durations

Use the Basic ML models for predicting the trip durations

Dimensionality Reduction
Advanced Dimensionality Reduction
Feature Engineering
Project: Feature Selection for Black Friday Dataset

Use dimensionality reduction techniques for selecting the important features from the given dataset

Introduction to Ensemble Models
Basic Ensemble Techniques
Stacking and Blending
Random Forest
Boosting Algorithms
Hyperparameter Tuning
Project: Predicting NYC Taxi Trip Durations

Train Ensemble models and predict the trip durations for NYC taxi trips

Unsupervised Learning
K-Means Clustering
Hierarchical Clustering
Project: Segmenting customers into clusters

Create clusters for the customers for which transactional data is provided and find out the optimal number of clusters

Getting Started
Introduction, Installing MySQL-MariaDB and Getting Started
Modifying, Importing and Exporting
Data Analysis and Real Life Project
Working with a Database
Introduction to Tableau
Getting Started and Hands-On with Tableau
Working in Tableau
Dashboards & Storytelling
Project: Food Forecasting Analysis

Your client is a meal delivery company that operates in multiple cities. They have various fulfillment centers in these cities for dispatching meal orders to their customers. The client wants to help these centers with demand forecasting for upcoming weeks so that these centers will plan the stock of raw materials accordingly.

Getting Started
The 7 Step Interview Process- Understanding Roles, Skills & Interview Framework
Building your Digital Presence & Resume
Telephonic Interview & Assignments
Interview & Post Interview Follow-up
Tools & algorithms covered
The process


  • Submit your application
  • Once selected, get ready for 6 months of rigorous yet fun filled learning


  • Complete 9 video based courses (~2 hour/day)
  • Build 12 industry grade projects
  • 1:1 doubt clearing and career guidance

03Get Placed

  • Career Planning Sessions with industry mentors
  • Participate in the Placement Week
  • Get highlighted when you apply on Internshala
  • A dedicated placement cell to guide you at each step
Doubt clearing & faculty interaction
24/7 Question & Answer forum
Weekly live doubt clearing sessions
Monthly fireside chats with experts
Your teachers

Program fees

7,999/monthInclusive of taxes

You will be charged monthly only up to 6 months and if you finish the course earlier, you do not have to pay further.

Meet the June batch
Wondering if Data Science is the right career for you?
Here are the top career options in Data Science
1. Data Scientist - Understand business problems and use your technical and analytical skills to solve them with the help of data.
2. Data Analyst - Create and maintain rich interactive visualizations through data interpretation and analysis.
3. Business Analyst - Uses domain knowledge and technical aspects of the data industry to drive business decisions.
4. ML Engineer - Design, develop and test machine learning systems and implement ML algorithms.
And here are the top skills you need to succeed
1. Technical Knowledge - Knowledge of Statistics, Mathematics and Machine Learning are the must-have tools for a Data Scientist.
2. Structured Thinking - If you like breaking a complex problem into smaller components, you would thrive in Data Science.
3. Programming Skills - Performing analysis and generating insights using programming tools like Python, R, SQL will be a daily affair.
4. Communication Skills - Interacting with engineers, operations, product managers and more requires good communication skills.

For more guidance on if a career in Data Science is for you, speak to a counsellor.

Have more questions?
  • Final year students, recent graduates, and young professionals (upto 3 years of work experience)
  • Should have (or should be in the final year of) a bachelor’s degree in Engineering (any stream), Science, Computer Science / IT, Mathematics, Statistics, or Economics
  • Should have at least beginner level experience of programming in any language (C, C++, Java, Python, Fortran etc.)
  • Should have scored equivalent of min. 70% marks in Mathematics and 60% marks in English in 10th standard (secondary board)
  • Should be authorized and available to work in India upon completion of the program if you wish to avail the placement assistance benefits.
Yes, if you have decided to make a career in data science and are ready to put in the required time and effort to complete the program, you can still apply and we will evaluate your application based on its quality.
Please note that you may not be able to apply to fresher jobs (or internships with PPOs) that we curate for the students of the specialization. This is because most of the organizations in India require applicants to have completed their studies (Bachelors) before they can be hired. However, you would be able to apply to the short term or work from home internships that are published on Internshala.
Yes, you can apply and we would evaluate your application and let you know. However, please note that the placement opportunities that we would be curating for the students of the specializations would be those of entry level fresher jobs or internships (with a job offer at the end) and the same will be made available to you too.
Different companies may factor in your prior work experience in their hiring decisions differently and it will be at the sole discretion of the companies.
The application form would consist of questions on your education background, prior knowledge of programming, your motivation to join the specialization, and communication skills.
Your application would be evaluated on the basis of your Maths and English scores in your 10th grade, quality of your cover letter, your prior programming knowledge, and your communication skills (written).
No, you can not.
You can. However, it is recommended that you speak to us first to understand shortcomings in your previous application before deciding to re-apply.
No, you do not. Everything will be taught from the beginning. All you need is a genuine desire to learn, some prior knowledge of programming (beginner level is OK), reasonable communication skills (written English), analytical skills and comfort with numbers.
All the data science software and tools that you need for the specialization would be shared with you during the course of the specialization as and when you need it.
You can watch the videos and take quizzes & tests on any device including mobile. However, for assignments and projects, use of a desktop or laptop will be needed and hence it is advised that you do this specialization on a laptop or desktop.
You can pay the specialization fee online using any of the following payment methods - debit card, credit card, netbanking, UPI, and wallets. You will receive the link to make the payment once your application is successful.
For every month you are learning and are part of the program, you will be charged ₹ 7999. You will only be charged monthly for 6 months and if you finish the course earlier, you do not have to pay further.
No, refund would not be permitted once the payment has been made.
Please write to us on with details and we would be happy to help.
At the time of making the payment, you will have the option to choose your preferred batch start date (the batches are available round the year) and can start the program accordingly.
Yes, you can. Just choose a suitable later date batch while making the payment.
The specialization consists of 9 video based courses that you would complete one after another. The videos are pre-recorded so you can watch them anytime of the day as convenient to you. The weekly live doubt clearing session and other live sessions are usually conducted late in the evening or on weekends. The courses also consist of exercises, quizzes, tests, and projects that you will undergo as you learn.
You need to complete the specialization with-in 6 months from your chosen batch start date. If you spend ~2 hour everyday, you should be able to complete the program comfortably in 4-6 months including all the projects, tests, vivas etc.
If you are not able to complete the specialization in 6 months due to any unforeseen reasons, you will get one extension of maximum 3 months to complete the program. No further extension beyond 3 months will be granted.
The specialization consists of 9 video based courses that you would complete one after another. The videos are pre-recorded so you can watch them anytime of the day as convenient to you. The weekly live doubt clearing session and other live sessions are usually conducted late in the evening or on weekends. The courses also consist of exercises, quizzes, tests, and projects that you will undergo as you learn.
You will have 24*7 access to a doubt clearing forum where you can post your doubts and the program instructors would answer them with-in 24 hours. There will also be a live doubt clearing session with the instructor every week where you can ask your doubts in real time through chat or audio/video call.
The specialization consists of 9 courses and each course will have several quizzes and module tests that are meant for your practice. Each course will also have a final test which will be online. You need to score min. 33% marks in the final test of each course to proceed to the next course and hence, passing all the final tests is necessary for you to complete the specialization.
You will get one more attempt to take the test. If you fail in that too, there will not be any further attempts available to you and you will not be able to proceed with the rest of the specialization.
In addition to assignments within each course which are meant for practice, each course (except course 7 & 9) will also have a final project where you will get to apply all the concepts that you have learned in the course.
All the 7 projects are mandatory for you to submit. Completing all the projects will also improve your career prospects after completing the specialization.
Yes, every project you submit will be scored and given feedback on.
During the specialization, there will be 2 online vivas (video calls) that you are required to attend. Mid-term viva will take place after you have completed the 5th course (Ensemble Learning) and submitted all the mandatory projects until the 5th course.
The final viva will take place after you have completed all the 9 courses in the specialization and submitted all the mandatory projects. In the vivas, you will be asked questions based on concepts taught in the specialization and the projects you build.
Final tests and projects for each course carry 50 marks each. Each viva will be of 100 marks. Hence, the total marks in the specialization will be 1000 as per table below. You need to score a min. 60% marks (600) to graduate from the specialization and get your certificate.
Course Final Test Marks Project Marks
Python for Data Science 50 50
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) 50 50
Introduction to Machine Learning 50 50
Feature Selection and Dimensionality Reduction 50 50
Ensemble Learning 50 50
Clustering 50 50
SQL for Data Science 50
Tableau 50 50
Ace Data Science Interviews 50
Total course marks 450 (A) 350 (B)
Mid-term viva 100 (C)
Final viva 100 (D)
Aggregate marks (A+B+C+D) 1000
Upon successful completion of the specialization, you will receive a Data Science Specialization certificate from Internshala and Analytics Vidhya.
The necessary requirements to be eligible for the specialization certificate are as follows -
  1. Min. 60% aggregate marks in the specialization
  2. Submission of all the projects
  3. Attending both the vivas and career planning sessions
All the students who successfully complete the specialization (i.e. get the specialization certificate) and are authorised and available to take up full time employment in India at the time of completing the specialization are eligible for placement assistance. The assistance is available for as long as it takes you to get your first job/internship in data science.
The Career Planning Sessions will take place along with the 2 vivas and your mentor for these sessions would be an expert with experience in the industry. These sessions will be an opportunity for you to discuss your career goals and get personalised feedback and guidance from the mentor.
For the specialization students, we will curate Data Science fresher jobs or internships leading to a fresher job with min. 3LPA CTC. These fresher jobs/internships come from the pool of recruiters who use Internshala for hiring and can be anywhere in India (including work from home) and you can apply to them as per your choice.
After completing the specialization, on regular intervals, Internshala will share with you relevant Data Science fresher jobs and internships that you can apply to as per your choice. As a specialization student, your application will be highlighted to the recruiters. Companies will shortlist and assess you as per their respective policies.
Placement Week is an MBA school kind of placement fair for students graduating from the specialization in a given month to be placed with-in a week. During the placement week, Internshala will curate dedicated fresher jobs for the specialization students to apply to and for companies to close the hiring with-in a week. A specialization student can continue to attend as many placement weeks as required till the time she is placed.
No, it is not mandatory for you to accept the job/internship offers arranged by Internshala and you are free, in fact encouraged, to apply to the opportunities outside the ones arranged by Internshala. After all, it is your career and you deserve to apply to all the opportunities that come your way and choose the best one for yourself.
No, a job or internship is not guaranteed since that depends on the market conditions, companies’ hiring policies, and your personal preferences and performance during interviews. However, the program is designed in such a way that any student who completes it successfully should be able to get a 3LPA+ fresher job (or an internship leading to that) in the industry with a bit of help from our side.
Next batch starts on 1st Feb
Next batch starts on 1st Feb