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How are our courses best for the Job?

Go from beginner to pro in 4-12 months

With a curriculum designed and taught by industry experts, you will get the skills and mentorship for guaranteed success.

On-demand classes

Live doubt clearing sessions

Industry-level projects

Become job-ready

Prepare to ace your job hunt with our career coaches, who have 10+ years of experience. Say goodbye to job anxiety!

Soft skills training

Cover letter & resume preparation

Mock interview practice

Get guaranteed placement

Unlock a world of opportunities and start your journey to success - we assure you a secure career with our best job oriented courses!

Curated placement opportunities

Boosted visibility on Internshala

Direct interview invites

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Career Options After Job Oriented Courses

Industry Level Projects

Meet your super-skilled educators

Our top-notch instructors have years of experience from companies such as Google, IBM, and McKinsey, and more.

Job Oriented Courses Overview

Revolutionize your professional journey with Internshala's exclusive job-oriented courses. With industry-recognized certifications, you can excel in the field of your choice like digital marketing, data science, product management, and more. Acquire the confidence and skills to secure your dream job with our career-oriented courses.

Internshala's placement guarantee courses come with a cutting-edge curriculum taught by industry experts. The courses allow learners to work on hands-on projects and also come with a job guarantee upon successful course completion. Our career-oriented courses are recognized by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Skill India.

So, what are you waiting for? Join 500+ students who have already been placed in top companies like Deloitte, EY, Tata Motors, Morris Garages, and more through our job-oriented courses. Enroll today and get hired for the most sought-after high-paying job opportunities in your desired field!

Why are Internshala's Job-Oriented Courses the Best?

  • Job Placement Guarantee
  • NSDC & Skill India Certified Courses
  • Innovative Training Framework
  • Industry Level Projects
  • Industry Expert Instructors
  • Live Doubt-Clearing Sessions
  • Personalized Job Opportunities
  • Pre-Placement Assistance
  • Resume Building and Interview Preparation
  • Post-Placement Support

Top Reasons to Enroll in Internshala's Job-Oriented Courses

  • Guaranteed Job Placement: We stand by our commitment to guide you through a learning journey that not only enhances your knowledge but ensures tangible results with a guaranteed placement upon successful completion of the course.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Our curriculum is designed to meet the changing needs of the industry. Gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies and acquire the practical skills that employers actively seek.
  • Real-World Application: Tired of theoretical learning with no real-world application? Our placement guarantee courses go beyond the books, providing you with immersive, hands-on experience and industry simulations.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from the best in the field! Our instructors bring a wealth of industry experience to the classroom, ensuring you receive insights, guidance, and mentorship that go beyond the textbook.

Let's take a closer look at the job-oriented courses offered by Internshala to solidify your conviction about pursuing these courses.

Full Stack Development Job-Oriented Course

Full stack development refers to the front-end and the back-end development of a web application. Our full-stack development course teaches you web page design using HTML, CSS, and other technologies. Become a master of OOPS, data structures and algorithms, version control, JavaScript, React, MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js through this course's enriching curriculum.

With our full-stack development job-oriented course, discover high-paying job prospects that offer a salary of up to 30 LPA. Successfully traverse from a beginner to an expert in 8 just months by gaining a comprehensive understanding of web development today!

Data Science Job-Oriented Course

Unlock the power of data and embark on a professional journey in the data science industry with this course. By mastering the art of data science, you will learn a wide range of skills like data visualization, data analysis, machine learning, SQL, Tableau, Excel, and more. Whether you want to work in finance, healthcare, marketing, or any other industry, data science will give you the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions and drive success.

Our data science course comes with a placement promise, providing you with internship opportunities where you can earn a confirmed ₹35,000 stipend. You can also get high-paying work prospects post-internship with a salary of up to 11 LPA.

Human Resource Management Job-Oriented Course

Human resource management is a strategic approach to managing an organization's most valuable asset - Its People! Learn simple and complex human resource management processes and more through Internshala's human resource management job-oriented course. Become a master of job analysis, recruitment, training and development, HR branding, HR analytics, labor laws, business communication, etc.

With a placement guarantee offered after the course completion, you'll have the opportunity to work in diverse sectors and uncover well-paid jobs with an average salary of up to 12 LPA. Additionally, get direct interview invites for roles like human resources manager, training and development specialist, talent acquisition manager, and more after course completion.

Digital Marketing Job-Oriented Course

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, involves using digital channels like websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and more to promote products and services. Learn how to build brand awareness, drive targeted traffic, and achieve measurable results with our comprehensive digital marketing job-oriented course.

  • Gain valuable skills and expertise to thrive in the ever-changing world of online marketing.
  • Learn on-page SEO, technical SEO, off-page SEO, email marketing, PPC, social media marketing, and more.
  • True to its industry-specific nature, our course offers an Internshala Trainings Certificate and NSDC & Skill India Certificate on successful completion. With the skills gained through the coursework, you will be equipped to pursue coveted industry certifications like Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Social Media Strategy Certificate, Google Ads Search Certification, Google Ads Display Certification, and HubSpot Inbound Certification.

Product Management Job-Oriented Course

Product management is a strategic and interdisciplinary field dedicated to the development and management of products, ensuring that they meet customer needs, align with business objectives, and remain competitive in the ever-changing market. Our comprehensive product management job-oriented course covers the entire product lifecycle, giving you the knowledge and skills to excel in the field.

Uncover internship opportunities with a confirmed stipend of INR 30,000 and job prospects with a salary of up to 11 LPA. Learn product management, AI and machine learning fundamentals, development lifecycle, and more to level up your expertise in just 5 months.

UI/UX Design Job-Oriented Course

UI/UX design is a crucial component in website development, mobile application development, and software interfaces. Our job-oriented course will equip you with hands-on experience in wireframing, prototyping, and design principles, helping you secure a career in the UI/UX domain with curated placement opportunities.

After the culmination of the course, our team will help you find an internship with a confirmed INR 35,000 stipend. Additionally, discover employment opportunities that offer a salary of up to 11 LPA and also get a visibility boost on the Internshala portal.

Electric Vehicle Job-Oriented Course

With the potential to account for over 40% of India's automotive market - The electric vehicle industry is set to generate more than $100 billion in revenue by 2030. Master the future of transportation with our comprehensive EV job-oriented course. Learn essential skills like MATLAB, SolidWorks, embedded systems, BMS, modeling and simulation, Simulink, and Ansys. Get a confirmed 5 lakhs salary and discover high-paying job opportunities that offer a salary of up to 40 LPA.

Our diverse range of courses ensures you have a seamless educational and placement experience, empowering you to unlock your full potential. Enroll now and take the first step toward achieving your career goals!

Job Courses FAQs

A job-oriented course with a placement is a training program designed to prepare individuals for a specific career path and equip them with the skills and qualifications they need to enter the workforce. It focuses on bridging the gap between academic knowledge and industry requirements by providing practical skills and real-world experience. The job-oriented courses ensure that individuals are well-prepared to succeed in their chosen fields and meet the demands of the job market.

Internshala's job-oriented courses offer the following benefits:

  • It will help you gain practical skills and knowledge to become job-ready.
  • The job-oriented courses emphasize imparting industry-specific skills that are highly valued by employers.
  • Job-oriented courses provide students with hands-on training and also offer invaluable career development advice.

Joining short-term job-related courses offers many benefits, such as follows:

  • It enhances your skillset and expertise in specific areas within a short frame of time.
  • A majority of short-term courses are delivered online, giving learners the flexibility to upskill at their own convenience.
  • It boosts your employability in the field of your choice.
  • It allows you to learn industry-specific skills and knowledge directly from the experts.
  • It is a fantastic opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.
  • It also offers an opportunity to network with professionals.

Among the many online job-oriented courses available, Internshala offers short-term job-oriented courses that will make you job-ready. The duration of the job-oriented courses varies between 4-12 months and is taught by industry experts. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be eligible for a guaranteed job placement.

The job-oriented courses that are most popular and in demand are as follows.

  • Digital Marketing Course with placement
  • Data Science Course with placement
  • Product Management Course with placement
  • UI/UX Design Course with placement
  • Full-Stack Development Course with placement

Upon completing any of these courses in your area of interest, you will be able to enhance your career prospects and find opportunities that provide competitive salaries and career growth.

Internshala offers a wide range of online job-oriented courses tailored to help individuals achieve their career aspirations. Depending on your interests and desired expertise, you can choose from a wide selection of courses. Some of the best-selling courses offered on Internshala include the digital marketing course, the data science course, the electrical vehicle course, and the full-stack development course. Each of these courses provides industry-specific training and ensures that users receive the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen field.
Yes, Internshala offers the best courses to get job-ready that also come with a placement guarantee and a 100% refund option if you are not hired.

Whether your graduation degree is in commerce, science, or arts stream, choosing a career-oriented course with a placement guarantee can be tough. It depends on your interests and career goals. It is vital to research and choose a course that aligns with your interests and career aspirations to ensure the best chance of success. Here are some of the most popular job guarantee courses that you can pursue after graduation:

Yes, Internshala offers a range of job-oriented courses for commerce students. For those who have studied commerce with computer science as an optional subject in 10+2 or graduation, you can enroll in a full-stack development course with placement. In addition to that, a commerce student can also explore the following career-oriented course options:

  • Human resource management placement guarantee course
  • Digital marketing placement guarantee course
  • Product management placement guarantee course
  • UI/UX design placement guarantee course

These courses provide practical skills and knowledge that are relevant to compete in the job market, preparing students for a successful career in their chosen field. Internshala also provides a placement guarantee to students enrolled in these courses.

The job with the highest salary varies depending on factors such as your area of interest, industry, location, and experience level. Certain industries in India are known for offering high salaries in specific professions. The following are the highest-paying jobs across various industries including IT, technology, engineering, finance, media, marketing, and more.

Job Role Salary (per annum)
Data Architect ₹ 25 LPA
Machine Learning Engineer ₹ 15 LPA
Solutions Architect ₹ 28 LPA
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ₹ 54 LPA
Investment Banker ₹ 18 LPA
Financial Analyst ₹ 8 LPA
Corporate Lawyer ₹ 12 LPA
Visual Effects (VFX) Artist ₹ 15 LPA
Event Manager ₹ 10 LPA
Advertising Manager ₹ 10 LPA
Petroleum Engineer ₹ 20 LPA
Aerospace Engineer ₹ 26 LPA
Electrical Engineer ₹ 12 LPA
Chief Technological Officer ₹ 32 LPA
Marketing Director ₹ 58 LPA
Sales Director ₹ 44 LPA
Cybersecurity Manager ₹ 42 LPA

As technology advances and industries evolve, individuals who can quickly learn new skills, analyze complex problems, and navigate the digital landscape will be in high demand. Here are a few examples of broad skills that will be essential in the years to come.

  • Electric Vehicle Industry: Skills like electric vehicle system design, battery technology, and management, power electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, etc.
  • Augmented Reality: Skills like coding and programming, 3D design and modeling, UI/UX design, spatial computing, and computer vision.
  • Data Science: Skills like handling big data, data visualization, Tableau, Python, and machine learning.
  • Environmental Technology: Skills in sustainable design and construction, expertise in renewable energy systems, computer modeling and data analysis, and understanding of environmental regulations and policies.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Skills like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, big data tools, and cloud computing.

You can take short-term job-oriented courses in your area of interest and upgrade your skill set to stay competitive in the job market.

The jobs that will continue to grow and be in demand in the future encompass fields like technology, healthcare, renewable energy, data analytics, sustainability, etc. These fields are experiencing rapid advancements and offer exciting career opportunities for individuals with the right skills and expertise. According to research, there will be a high demand for jobs in the following fields in the future.

The jobs that will be in demand in 2030 will depend on various factors such as technological advancements and economic changes. However, experts predict that jobs related to data science, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, machine learning, and digital currency will be in high demand by 2030.