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STAAD Pro Certification Training
Aakash Sharma
from IIT Chennai has successfully completed a six week online training on STAAD Pro. The training consisted of Basics of STAAD Pro, Some Basic Terminologies, 2-D and 3-D Modelling in STAAD Pro, Advanced Tools in STAAD Pro, Analysis of Building - Part 1, Analysis of Building - Part 2, Advanced Detailing of Structures, Footing and Slab and Final Project modules.
In the final assessment, Aakash scored 80% marks.
We wish Aakash all the best for future endeavours.
Date of Certificate: 2021-02-30
Certificate no.: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Free Placement Preparation Training

Access to curated Internships & Jobs

Top performers will be highlighted in their internship & job applications on Internshala

Why learn STAAD Pro?

Widely used

If you are a Civil Engineer or Structural Engineer, look no further than STAAD Pro for all structural analysis and design needs!

Get an edge

Given the popularity of STAAD Pro, students and graduates who know this tool have an upper hand in the job market.

Explore your imagination

From designing buildings that touch the sky to bridges that are kilometers long, nothing is beyond your capabilities!

How will your training work?


Watch the videos to learn various concepts


Test your knowledge through quizzes & module tests


Get hands on practice by doing projects and assignments


Take the final exam to get certified in STAAD Pro

STAAD Pro Training Syllabus

Basics of STAAD Pro

2 Topics
1 Demo video inside
Training Overview Video
Working with RCC Beams
Introduction to Force and Moment
Prerequisites of Structural Analysis
Analyzing 2 D Models
Analyzing 3 D Models
The Structure Wizard
Exploring STAAD Pro Tools
Moment Releases
Member offsets
Read the Architectural Drawings
Modeling of The Building
Preliminary Design of Slab, Beam and Column
Assigning The Section Properties
Introduction to IS 1893:2002/2016
Calculation of the Staircase Load
Application of the Wall Load
Application of the Floor Loads
Application of the Staircase Load
Application of the Seismic Weight
Error Correction in STAAD Pro
Making Load Combinations
Design of Structural Members
Advanced RC Designer
Detailing of Column Longitudinal Rebars
Detailing of Column Lateral Ties
Detailing of Beam Longitudinal Bars
Detailing of Beam Stirrups
Response Spectrum Analysis
Introduction to Foundation Design
Foundation Design using STAAD Foundation
Foundation Design using Excel Sheet
Design of Slab
Detailing of Slab
Final Project : Residential Building

STAAD Pro Course Project Details

How will your doubts get solved?

You can post your doubts on the Q&A forum which will be answered by the teachers within 24 hours.

Who will be your teacher?

Reviews from students


The full form of STAAD Pro stands for Structural Analysis and Design Program. It is a computer program that was developed in the year 1997 by Research Engineers International. STAAD Pro is one of the most popular design software used by civil engineers and structural engineers from all over the world.

STAAD Pro is a structural engineering software that helps you analyze and design various structures easily. This multi-user software is used to draw, render, edit, visualize and store complex designs. STAAD Pro is widely used in the construction industry as it is quite flexible and advanced. AutoCAD, on the other hand, is used to produce 2D and 3D architectural drawings. This drawing software is widely used by graphic designers, architects, interior designers, and engineers from all over the world. AutoCAD is a vector-based software and is mainly used as a drafting tool. This highly in-demand skill is a good idea to learn and you can do so by enrolling in an online AutoCAD course today.

Yes, there are about 25,000 openings every year for civil engineers with STAAD Pro experience where the average salary ranges from 4,50,00 to 9,00,000 per annum. It is an added advantage for you to learn and master STAAD Pro as it is used by structural engineers, consultants, product designers, construction companies, and structural engineering organizations.

There are several advantages of using STAAD Pro software:

  1. It eliminates and reduces time-consuming tasks for engineers by automating the procedures.
  2. It permits structural engineers to view their designs virtually and eliminate flaws in their designs.
  3. This software allows engineers to provide accurate designs to clients that can be changed immediately according to their requirements.

All the software/tools that you need for the training would be shared with you during the training as and when you need it.

You can watch the videos and take quizzes & tests on any device including mobile. However, for assignments and practice, use of desktop or laptop is required.

To do this training, you would need a computer with a minimum 1 GB ram and Windows 8 or later (64 bit).

There are no prerequisites for this course as it is of beginner level. Everything that you need to know about STAAD Pro would be taught to you from scratch.

You can choose your preferred batch date while signing up for the training program and start accordingly.

As this is a purely online training program, you can choose to learn at any time of the day and for as much time as you want. We will recommend a pace to be followed throughout the program, but the actual timings and learning hours are in your hands.

From your batch start date, you will have access to training's content (videos, quizzes, tests, assignments, projects etc.) in the platform for 6 weeks with-in which you should be able to complete your training.

As this is a purely online training program, you can choose to spend as much time as you want per day and the more time you spend, sooner you would be able to complete the training. However, on an average, spending 1-2 hours per day should be sufficient for you to complete the training in 6 weeks. Some students also choose to devote more time on the weekends in case they are not able to give time on the weekdays.

Don't worry! If for some reason, you are not able to complete the training in 6 weeks; we would extend your access to the platform for sufficient duration (maximum upto another 6 weeks) so that you can complete it.

Having 6 weeks access ensures you have a deadline to work with and are able to complete the training. It also helps you beat procrastination and maintain continuity in your studies which is why Internshala Trainings students have some of the best training completion rates in the industry.

If you have completed the training, you would be able to download the training content and have lifetime access to it for future reference.

Yes, you would be able to download the training content and have lifetime access to it for future reference.

  • You will receive free access to Placement Preparation Training on the platform which covers resume writing, cover letter writing, how to search and apply for internships and jobs on Internshala, and interview preparation. This training comes with a lifetime access meaning you can use it later also if you are not applying for internships or jobs right now.
  • Access to curated internships & jobs related to the training - after completing the training, you would receive a list of handpicked internships or jobs every week that you can apply to as per your preference.
  • If you are a top performer, a badge of achievement will be added to your Internshala resume and shown to the employers when you apply to internships or jobs on Internshala.

When you score >= 90% in the final test, you will be a top performer and you will get highlighted in your internship and job applications.

While many of our students have found their desired internships or jobs after completing their training, Internshala Trainings does not guarantee an internship or job. However, if you study sincerely (including doing exercises, assignments, and projects) and make good use of our placement assistance feature, it will become easier for you to get a placement using the skills learned in the training.

More than 100,000 companies use Internshala to hire interns and employees and hence they will recognise a certificate from Internshala when they see one on your resume. However, please note that more than the certificate, companies hire candidates based on their skills and their performance in the interview so we hope you do a good job of learning the skill in the training and preparing for the interview using our placement assistance feature.

You could try making the payment from a different card or account (of a friend or family). Otherwise, you can follow the instructions on how to make an offline payment here.

Just let us know your registered email id along with the screenshot of the payment receipt or transaction history. You can submit your request using the using the "Need further assistance?" section. Once verified, the additional amount you paid will be refunded.

The amount deducted will come back to your account within 7-10 working days. This is the normal duration your bank will take to credit the amount back into your account.

At times, there may be a slight delay in your payment reflecting on your Internshala Trainings dashboard. However, if your payment is not reflecting even after 30 minutes, please let us know your registered email id along with the screenshot of the payment receipt or transaction history. You can submit your request using the using the "Need further assistance?" section. Once verified, we will update your payment status from the backend.

No, you will be only getting a soft copy of the certificate which you can download and print out if required.

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