Re.Start by Internshala Trainings

Date : 5th June 6:00 PM

Thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To help them restart their career, Internshala has announced free access to its online training programs till 15th July for people who have lost their job due to the pandemic.

Eligible users can upskill themselves in programming, data science, digital marketing, business, design, creative writing etc. on Internshala Trainings through its short duration online training programs which can help them in restarting their careers.

Who is eligible?

Any Indian national who has lost his/her job after 31st March due to COVID-19 is eligible to avail the benefit under this initiative. You would be required to share a copy of your service letter or any other supporting document, for us to validate your request.

To start, Internshala will make this facility available to 1000 eligible users on a first come first serve basis and would extend it to all eligible users depending on the response to the pilot.

What is the process for eligible users to avail this opportunity?

The eligible users should follow the below process -

Step 1: Visit Internshala Trainings to know and understand the training program you wish to enroll for.

Please DO NOT register for any of the training programs on your own, instead follow step 2.

Step 2: Fill in your details through

Step 3: Once we verify the details provided by you, we will grant you free access to the training program and inform you over email.

Please note that due to high email and call volumes due to Covid-19, it will take us a minimum of 4 days to process your free access. Please be patient and kindly do not follow up.

Which programs can you enroll for?

A user can choose from following online training programs available on Internshala Trainings:

  1. Programming with Python
  2. Web Development
  3. Ethical Hacking
  4. Android App Development
  5. Creative Writing
  6. French Language
  7. Programming with C & C++
  8. Financial Modeling & Valuation
  9. Advanced Excel
  10. Core Java
  11. Digital Marketing
  12. Beginner’s Trading Certificate
  13. AutoCAD
  14. Data Science
  15. Machine Learning (excluding specialization)
  16. Angular
  17. Business Communication Skills
  19. STAADPro
  20. Graphic Design
Please visit Internshala Trainings to know more about these training programs. A user can choose only 1 training program from the available programs for any batch starting on or before 15th July.

Only regular batches of above programs are eligible for this initiative. If one registers for a contest batch of any of these programs during the initiative, we will provide them with free access to the training; however, they will not be eligible for the prize money of the contest.

Till when users will have free access to the chosen program?

All the eligible users who enroll into any of the eligible programs with the training start date of 15th July or before, will have free access to their chosen program till they complete it. It usually takes 4-8 weeks to complete a training if one devotes 1-2 hours everyday.

For any queries regarding this initiative, please write to us on