About the contest

Hack-a-thon is an online contest by Internshala Trainings. It is your chance to learn ethical hacking and win exciting rewards. In this contest, you will first learn ethical hacking on Internshala trainings platform. You will be given access to the Internshala Ethical Hacking Training once you register and pay the fee. As a part of the training, you will have to submit a project report based on the problem statement provided by us. The project report will be evaluated by our experts and the top performers will be rewarded with exciting prizes.

Why should you participate?
Learning Opportunity

Learn Ethical Hacking from scratch!


Get a certificate by Internshala Trainings

Unlock super cash rewards
Rs 35,000/-
1st Runner-up
Rs 20,000/-
2nd Runner-up
Rs 10,000/-

Rules and timeline

Know more about the contest
You will have to fill the form above and pay the registration fee to register yourself for the challenge. Then you will be given access to online Ethical Hacking training on Internshala platform. You will find a problem statement in the training according to which you will have to submit a project report. The top project reports will be rewarded with exciting prizes.
Students who register for the contest between 1st-6th February are only eligible for this contest. Students who have bought a Hacking training before or after this period are not eligible.
You don’t need any prior knowledge of any language. You will learn everything from scratch.
The training is completely online training and you would be given access to the training on 7th February. The project problem statement will be inside the training.
The training will start from 7th February ,you will have 6 weeks to learn ethical hacking. You would have to project report by 27th March to qualify for the contest.
The training is completely video based training created by Internshala experts.
The results will be announced on 20th April.
Every participant who completes the training and takes the final test would be provided a certificate of completion from Internshala Trainings.
You would be given access to Internshala Ethical Hacking training on 7th February.
You can ask your doubts anytime by using our forum. You will also have an option for a live chat with the instructor which will be available for 1 hour, Mon-Fri.
See our launch video