About the championship

Dream Big Championship is a competition for all the students of Internshala Trainings to solve some of the biggest and most pressing challenges that India faces today. Students will register for the championship and select a problem that they would like to solve. They will then work individually or in a team (of not more than 3) to build a working prototype to resolve that problem. There is no limit to the creativity and innovation that the students can come up with. Top 10 innovations will be invited to attend the final round in Delhi (we will sponsor the travel and stay) and present their ideas in front of a distinguished panel of judges consisting of industry and business leaders. Top 3 innovations will win grand prizes worth Rs. 1.9 lac.

What will you work on?

You can either pick a problem from the examples below or choose a problem statement of your own and build a working prototype to solve it.

Build an app that helps during a natural disaster like floods by connecting volunteers/ NGOs with people in need
Build a prototype for solar panel integration with traditional grid so that households/societies can start transitioning to solar
Develop a ML model to suggest fertilizers/ techniques to farmers to increase yield based on the soil, weather etc.
Build a system that uses a drone to detect areas of high garbage and inform municipal authority (this could help prevent disease outbreak)
Build an app that can detect diabetes from an image of retina
Build a robot that can help take care of the elderly by performing basic chores
Build a training system that can be used to teach students physical skills like welding
What's in it for you?
Top 3 innovations will win:
₹ 1,00,000/-
1st Runner-up
₹ 60,000/-
2nd Runner-up
₹ 30,000/-
Other exciting perks
Solve real-world problems
Compete in a national event
Sponsored trip to Delhi
Get a participation certificate
Get a participation certificate
Dream Big Championship is a competition open for all students who are enrolled on Internshala Trainings.
Yes, you can participate individually in the championship.
If you are not an Internshala Trainings student, you can participate in this championship by enrolling for Internshala Trainings. You may choose any batch of your preferred training program.
As Dream Big Championship is a competition open for all enrolled students of Internshala Trainings, you can create a team (of not more than 3) with other enrolled students only.
No, you do not have to pay any fee to participate in the Dream Big Championship.
You and your team will have to submit a working prototype of your solution which solves the problem statement submitted by you. The last date to submit your prototype and it’s working demonstration to us is 31st July.
File type - PNG, JPEG, PDF. Max size - 5 Mb each.
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