What's in it for you?
Learn Data Science from scratch
Get certified from Internshala Trainings
Win cash prizes of INR 65,000
Get placement assistance
How will the contest work?
Register for the contest and get access to Data Science training
Complete the training by giving a final test
Build and submit your project for evaluation
Top 3 performers will win cash prizes of INR 65,000
How will you get your certificate?

Take the final test online to complete the Data Science Training after which you will be able to download your certificate from Internshala Trainings

Why learn Data Science?
400% increase in demand
With every organisation betting big on Data Science to create more value for business, the demand for Data Scientists has skyrocketed.
Lucrative salary
The average salary for Data Science roles is 10LPA+ according to Glassdoor.
Love for maths & programming
Data science is a heady mix of maths, statistics, and programming - it can't get more cutting edge than this.
Training Highlights
86 video tutorials
Learn anytime, anywhere
Build 2 projects
For hands-on practice
Doubt clearing
Through Q&A forum
Downloadable content
With lifetime access
Beginner friendly
No prior knowledge required

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22nd Aug'21

Last date to register

23rd Aug - 11th Oct'21

Learn Data Science, build your own project and take the final test

11th Oct'21

Submit your project for evaluation

15th Dec'21

Results will be announced

Learning partner
You will have to fill the form above and pay the registration fee to register yourself for the contest. Then you will be given access to online Data Science training on Internshala platform. As a part of the contest, you will be given a project based on the training program's content. The top 3 performers will be rewarded with cash prizes.
In this training program, you will learn the basics of python, statistics, predictive modeling, and machine learning. This training program has video tutorials and is packed with assignments, assessments tests, quizzes, and practice exercises for you to get a hands-on learning experience. At the end of this training program, you will have a solid understanding of data science and will be able to build an end-to-end predictive model.
Only students who register for the contest between 21st Aug 2021 to 22nd Aug 2021 are eligible for this contest. Students enrolled for Data Science training before or after this period are not eligible. Also, students who have participated in Internshala Trainings Data Science Challenge in the past, cannot participate again.
You don't need any prior knowledge of any language. You will learn everything from scratch. Only beginner-level students are eligible for this contest. People with prior knowledge and experience in the field of Data science - professionals, Experts, Data Scientist - are not eligible.
The training is completely online and you would be given access to the training on 23rd Aug 2021. The project problem statement will be inside the training.
The training will start on 23rd Aug 2021. You will have 6 weeks to learn Data Science. You would have to submit the project by 11th Oct 2021 to qualify for the contest.
The training is completely video-based created by Internshala experts and Analytics Vidhya.
The results will be announced on 15th Dec 2021 via email.
Every participant who completes the training, takes the final test and scores at least 33% in the final test would be provided a certificate of completion from Internshala Trainings.
You would be given access to Internshala Data Science training on 23rd Aug 2021. You will get to know everything related to contest once your training starts.
You can ask your doubts anytime by using our forum. Your doubts will get answered within 24 hours by our team of experts.
ISRP coupon code cannot be used to avail discount on Internshala Trainings Contest.