About the contest

App-a-thon is your chance to learn app development for Android - the OS used by tens of millions of people around the world, and win cash rewards worth Rs. 65,000! Once you register for the contest, you will first learn app development on Internshala Trainings platform. You will then take part in the online challenge in which you will have to submit a project (an Android app). The project will be evaluated by our team of experts and the top 3 performers would be rewarded with cash prizes worth Rs. 35,000/-, Rs. 20,000/- and Rs. 10,000/-! For more details on the training, click here to view the detailed table of content.

Why should you participate?

Win cash rewards

Rs 35,000/-
1st Runner-up
Rs 20,000/-
2nd Runner-up
Rs 10,000/-

Learning opportunity

Learn Android App Development from scratch! - no coding background required!


Get a certificate by Internshala Trainings


19th January 2021

Last date to register

20th January 2021

Your online training will start

10th March 2021

Complete the training and submit the project report

15th June 2021

Results will be announced

Why learn Android App Development?
There are 3 Million apps on Google Playstore with more than 80 Billion downloads in 2019. Need we say more about how popular Android apps are?
With every business building an android app, the average salary of Android app developers is 5.3LPA+ as per Glassdoor.
With a simple app having the power to churn millions of dollars, app development is fun and full of possibilities.
Star performers of previous contests
Deepak Sharma
GIIT Professional College, Jharkhand
Received the grand cash reward worth INR 35,000.
Sukalpa Singh
Kashi Institute Of Technology, Varanasi
Received the grand cash reward worth INR 30,000.
Roshan Kumar
Government Polytechnic, Ranchi
Received the grand cash reward worth INR 10,000.
Yash Jain
Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad
Received the grand cash reward worth INR 35,000.
Sonam Kag
Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi
Received the grand cash reward worth INR 20,000.
Ananya Gupta
Gargi College, University of Delhi, New Delhi
Received the grand cash reward worth INR 10,000.
Know more about the contest
You will have to fill the form above and pay the registration fee to register yourself for the contest. Then you will be given access to the online Android app development training on Internshala platform. As a part of the challenge, you will be given a project based on the training program's content. The top 3 performers will be rewarded with cash prizes.
Android App Development is a 6-week online training program that will give you a comprehensive introduction to the world of Android. In this training program, you will learn the basics of Kotlin, design UIs using XML, develop multiple Android apps and market them on Google Play Store. This training program has video tutorials and is packed with assignments, tests, quizzes, and learner activities for you to get a hands-on learning experience. At the end of this training program, you will have a solid understanding of Android app development and will be able to build a full-fledged Android app.
Only those students who register for the contest between 17th Jan 2021 to 19th Jan 2021 are eligible for this contest. Students enrolled for the training before or after this period are not eligible. Also, students who have participated in Internshala Trainings App-a-thon in the past, cannot participate again.
You donít need any prior knowledge of any language. You will learn everything from scratch. Only beginner-level students are eligible for this contest. People with prior knowledge and experience in the field of app development - professionals, experts, developers - are not eligible.
The training is completely online and you would be given access to the training on 20th Jan 2021. The project problem statement will be inside the training.
The training will start from 20th Jan 2021, you will have 6 weeks to learn Android App Development. You would have to give the final test by 3rd Mar 2021 and submit the project by 10th Mar 2021 to qualify for the contest.
The training is completely video-based created by Internshala experts.
The results will be announced on 15th Jun 2021 via email.
Every participant who completes the training with 33% marks in the final test would be provided a certificate of completion from Internshala Trainings.
You would be given access to Internshala Android App Development training on 20th Jan 2021.
You can ask your doubts anytime by using our forum. Your doubts will get answered within 24 hours by our team of experts.
ISRP coupon code cannot be used to avail discount on Internshala Trainings Contest.